The Benefits Of A Baking Bubble

Measuring, mixing and creating is something we love to do at Aukilani Kids, even better when you can eat it too! Would you agree?

Baking with tamaiti (children) is a fun activity and allows them to gain valuable life skills.

But before baking begins, it’s important for teachers and staff to check and make sure all safety protocols are in place to protect our children from harm. It’s also important make sure the food is handled in a sanitary way by washing all hands before the baking process begins (and during the process if necessary) and sanitising all surfaces you will use for baking.

To help guide and support all tamaiti through the baking process, here are a few things you can do to help prepare them:

1. Leading up to ‘baking day’, learn about the utensils that will be used and what they are used for Eg. Mixing and mashing. Let children hold the utensils and practise what to do with them.

2. Explain each step of the process so that they know what to expect next, and follow steps in order to create the desired outcome – Baked Goods!

3. Provide visual examples – Print out photos of the ingredients and baking process, then line them up in order so they can see what happens during each stage of the process.

4. Have ingredients in their raw form for children to smell, taste, and feel.

5. Show them how to measure using a measuring spoon and a measuring cup. It may help to point out where the measurement is on the cup, or draw a line on the measuring cup so they know when to stop filling it.

Baking has many benefits for young children. Two-year old’s are able to use the large muscles in their arms to scrub vegetables and fruits and they can carry unbreakable items to the table. Three-year old’s are able to use their hands to pour liquids into batter, mix the batter, wash vegetables or fruit, and help with the clean-up process. The four-to-five-year-old’s are learning their fine motor skills which can help them juice fruits, peel some fruits and vegetables, cut some fruits and vegetables using a child friendly utensil, they can mix ingredients and set up the table.’s important for teachers and staff to check and make sure all safety protocols are in place to protect our children from harm.

Baking has loads of fantastic benefits that go beyond the baked goodies you put on the table:

MATH – Volume and weight is taught by measuring ingredients. Creating larger quantities by doubling or tripling an ingredient. Adding and subtracting while weighing. A recipe may provide the length of time required to mix, knead or bake.

READING – Young children love to read through pictures, sometimes a recipe book will provide step-by-step instructions attached to a picture of what the baking process should look like. It helps give them a chance to follow instructions, recall the information and retell it in their own words.

WRITING – Should your child bake from home, sometimes it’s an awesome idea to get them involved and have them write down all the ingredients you will need to grab from the store. This helps them with their writing skills by practising letter formation. It may take a while but hang in there! Learning takes time at a young age.

FINE MOTOR SKILLS – Baking is a great way for children to work on their motor skills. By pouring liquids we are working on our hand and eye coordination. Kneading helps to strengthen our finger muscles. There are so many different muscle groups we can use when mixing, mashing, whipping and rubbing whilst baking. We love using our tongue muscles when tasting too!

LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT – Baking helps tamaiti to learn and develop their language by encouraging them to talk about what they are doing or counting, and watching materials change colour, medium and texture.

The most important thing to remember during the baking process is TO HAVE FUN!

Children are LEARNING and as they experience the joy of cooking, laugh with them, praise them and be HAPPY! … and enjoy eating the goodies.

The most important thing to remember during the baking process is TO HAVE FUN!


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