Samoan Language Week at Aukilani Kids

Afio Mai and Welcome.

Samoan Language Week 2022 was an incredible week of learning our rich Samoan culture, language and heritage.

Throughout last week our tamaiti were engaged in many activities that represented our beautiful island of Samoa from singing samoan action songs, preparing and baking samoan foods, to enjoying how to ‘Siva Samoa’, performing our Sāsā, making neckaces, learning shapes and colours in the samoan language, dressing up in bright samoan patterned clothing (Laei Samoa) and celebrating Independence Day with our Flag Ceremony. We even finished the week off with one of our very own, performing a special siva samoa with her father in their traditional Samoan attire on Friday. What an amazing sight!

Our daily activities included using the Matātuai which is a popular Samoan wooden resource with a metal piece on the end used to grate the coconut, we scraped the skin off the taro before cooking it for lunch, we peeled the green bananas using a wooden peeler, we witnessed our faiaoga (teacher) cracking a coconut using a rock (wow!), and we also watched a video about the myth of 'Sina and the Eel' which tells a tale of when the first coconut tree appeared. We continued our learning with the revision of the Pi Tautau (Samoan alphabet), learned about the 2 islands of Upolu and Savai’i, discussed the life of a tama and teine Samoa and how they help their parents by using many of the islands natural resources to pay their way.

...we provide a language-rich environment that supports children to be confident with their own culture.

Many of the resources used in Samoa are natural resources with many markets and stalls selling all types of different jewellery made from trees, coconuts, animal husks, and flax. They also sell food mostly grown in their village plantations. We all know how much we love our food in Samoa so a lot of our activities were food based and our tamaiti were excited to learn about the variety of ingredients used in Samoan cooking, the names of different fruits and vegetables, and how they grow. We washed our hands before preparing our faapāpā (coconut bread – this recipe is in our blogs), poi (a banana-like smoothie), luau, vaisalo, fa’alifu talo (cooked taro), fa’alifu fa’i (cooked green bananas) to name a few, and then our lovely Chef whisked it away to cook/bake and brought it back for us to taste! It was delicious!

Our main menu last week incorporated a lot of samoan inspired dishes such as sapasui (chopsuey), suafa’i (banana pudding), koko araisa (creamy cocoa rice) and fai’ai eleni (mackerel fish with coconut cream).

Other activities that took place last week included learning about the Aute Samoa (Hibiscus), making Samoan necklaces (ula pu’a), studying the fala (flax mat) and the many uses of flax.

A huge thank you to all the parents who supported us by dressing their children up throughout the week, we’ve had such a great response to our Samoan Language Week activities.

Here at Aukilani Kids we provide a language-rich environment that supports children to be confident with their own culture and we are proud to provide a Bilingual Service that incorporates the Samoan language and culture into our daily programme and curriculum.

What a fantastic week!

Check out Jayda and her father peforming their Siva Samoa. Matagofie!

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