Our 'Zoo'per Fun Excursion!

Updated: May 11

Summer in Auckland - that’s our topic this term and as we come to a close what better way to wrap it up than to visit the Auckland Zoo!

Since returning to school this year, it’s been great listening to all the family adventures that have taken place in different parts of Auckland such as The Auckland Museum, Motat, Butterfly Creek and Kelly Tarltons to name a few. Some spoke of our colourful playgrounds and parks, swimming at the beach, eating at local restaurants, and many seeing the colourful Whale Tails displayed across our city. Have you seen them?

Our tamaiti were very excited to hear and learn about the possibility of seeing big dinosaur bones at the Museum, taking a stroll through the famous Shark Tunnel at Kelly Tarltons, or maybe even visiting The High Canopy Habitat where the Orangutans live in

the Zoo.

They’ve had lots of learning based outside exploring our natural environment, developing their creativity and confidence, and having adventures with our imaginary animal friends. With long-stretched necks they imitated giraffes and pretended to eat trees, waved an arm like an elephant’s trunk, and roared like lions. Our tamaiti were able to play games, test their physical limits, express themselves and make a lot of mess! And we all know what that means - LOTS OF FUN!

From pirates to sailors, our little friends have been busy creating ships out of cardboard boxes and drawing maps that led us to the treasure. This worked a treat during our Easter Egg hunt when we found all the chocolate treasures in our backyard. Our tamaiti had a blast!

With so much excitement filling our school, we decided to go on an adventure.

With our bags on our backs, lunches packed, walking shoes on, and our parent helpers ready to roll, we were on the bus to the Auckland Zoo.

Children learn best by doing and there’s no better place than the zoo for hands-on engaging lessons.

The kids said hi to all the animals, and Blessing said “The monkey misses his dad”.

The trip allowed the children to connect with animals at Auckland Zoo and see what they eat and do inside their habitat. It was also a learning experience outside of their classroom environment, learning the animal names, their colours and shapes. It was an opportunity for parents to spend time and support their children while on the trip, learning about all the animals and their natural habitat.

There were lots of conversations between children and teachers discussing comparisons between animals. We also found a playground, and our tamaiti spent some time balancing on the ropes and strengthening their muscles by going up and down the climbing wall.

At last, everyone was tired and ready for a nap on our way back to school.

What a fun day we had!

Our first excursion for 2022 a success!

I wonder where our next adventure will take us next?

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