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Updated: May 11

Feeling ‘Stuck at home’ right now? Struggling to keep your kids entertained while keeping up with being a cook, cleaner, teacher and everything in between? You are not alone!

During these trying times, it’s important to stay in our bubbles and keep our children and families safe. Let’s use this time to focus on our families and being in the moment. We often get so busy, we forgot to just 'relax and have fun'.

Let's all remember, together as a country we can get through this again!

While we are in our ‘bubbles’, we are here to help provide you with some ideas that will help keep your kids entertained (and hopefully you’ll be able to catch a break!). You don’t need a lot, just a few things lying around the house, a can-do attitude and maybe a cup of coffee before-hand. Lets go!

1. Scavenger hunt. Indoor or Outdoor. Write a list of items for your child to find, these will be scattered around the house eg. Coloured toys, Blue shoe, 5 leaves, 4 sticks etc. As they find the object, they will need to put it into a bag, box or a basket, and mark it off the list as they go. The longer the list is, the longer the game will last. (Mum or Dad may need to help toddlers/preschoolers by reading out each item. Best done with a cuppa in hand while sitting at the table having something to eat and watching them come and go)

2. Sort it out. Find 5 bowls (or however many you need) and using washing pegs put one peg into each bowl making sure they are all different colours. Show your child how to sort the first few pegs and then leave them to follow suit. Kids love to problem solve and soon you’ll find them sorting them out on their own! The more pegs you have, the more time it will take. Tip: If you’d like to extend the game time, move the bowls further away from the pile of mixed pegs making your child walk to each bowl. What better way to incorporate exercise!

... it’s important to stay in our bubbles and keep our children and families safe.

3. Playdough. This is a favourite go-to for many families. Playdough can provide hours of fun! So why not let the kids go wild for a day (or a week). To use playdough again and extend the life of the playdough, store in a zip-lock bag or airtight container. If you notice its getting a bit dry, add a few drops of water and knead into the dough. You can even add essential oil to make the playdough smell nice! Playdough recipe below: 1 cup flour ¼ cup salt 1 tablespoon cream of tartar 1 teaspoon food colouring 1 tablespoon cooking oil 1 cup boiling water Mix together, tip out and knead. ENJOY!!

4. Hide and Seek. Rather than the original game of someone counting and others hiding, use your child’s favourite toys to hide, and they’ll need to go and seek them. (A favourite toy means they won't stop searching until they find it!) Sometimes letting them have a couple of ‘easy turns’ to begin with will hook them in! If it’s a nice sunny day, why not get them out of the house and play this game in the garden where they can fill their lungs with fresh air.

5. Frozen Dance Party. Who doesn’t love dancing!! Kids absolutely love moving to the beat of the music. Turn on the radio or tv and play some upbeat songs, while the kids are dancing, stop the music and tell them to FREEZE. The last one who moves wins the round. Pick a number and if they reach that number, they win! (First person to five)

6. Wishy Washy. I personally love this one! Get the kids to pick out a garment for you to fold, and as they pick it out, have them name the type of clothing they hand to you (tshirt, pants, shorts etc) better yet, throw the colour in as well (red tshirt, black pants, blue shorts). This helps your child learn their colours and different types of clothing. Before you know it, the game has finished and all the washing has been folded. Another laundry game: Have your child/ren go through the washing themselves and pick out all their own clothing to be folded and put away, use a timer as this will get them moving faster!. This is great for older kids and will help ease the laundry load for mum too. 2 in 1 combo anyone?

7. How Many, If any?. Using different sized cups and bowls in the kitchen, have your child guess the amount of cups a bowl will hold (using water). Once they’ve guessed this, have them scoop cups of water from a big bucket (or the sink) into the bowl to see if their guess was right (or close to it). This is a great game to play during bath time.

8. Drumline. Kids love the sound of banging things together so why not let them go wild by using wooden spoons and pots/pans in the kitchen. Drumming requires focus and energy, and kids are drawn to the different sounds whirring from the pots. If you’ve ever wanted to know what a rockband sounds like live, this is it!

9. Ballin' baby. All you need is a box and pieces of scrap paper (or newspaper). Scrunch each piece of paper into a ball, and make a pile. Have the box at the opposite side of the room (or as far away as your baby/child can throw). Throw each ball into the box and see how many will make it in. I find using a timer for older kids is a great way to keep their attention.

10. Around the world. Paper planes! Ever thought of travelling the world but never wanting to fly or leave your house? Well this is the answer you are looking for! Take a family trip around the world for free! Make 10 paper planes (you can find how to make them on Google! Perks of this day and age) Think of 10 amazing places you wish you could visit. Then pick ten different spots/objects (sofa, chair, corner of the room, spot on the wall) in the room to represent that place. From the middle of the room, throw your plane and aim for the places you wish to visit. First one in the family to reach all the destinations wins the game!

As we all go through the motions of lockdown, take this time to cherish one another, enjoy each other’s company and count our blessings. May you all be reminded of how amazing you are as home teachers, cooks, cleaners, sports coordinators, exercise instructors, but most of all PARENTS!

Stay safe aiga.

take this time to cherish one another, enjoy each other’s company and count our blessings

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