Did You Birth A Picky Eater? Try These 8 Tips You Wont Regret!

Updated: May 11

Kids love food, and sometimes they don’t. Kids definitely do not come with a manual, so often we get to the stage where they start to pick and choose what foods they want to eat. Sometimes they are simply not hungry. But here are some home remedies that might just do the trick.

  1. The Boeing 747 always seems to do the trick. Whether it’s the engine sound humming from your mouth, or the way the aeroplane descends while your hand flows side to side in mid-air, it always seems to land right where you need it - in your babies mouth.

  2. Fan favourite Monkey-see, monkey-do. Kids learn by copying what they see and repeating what they hear. When they see the excitement on your face as the broccoli goes into your mouth, they want to try it too! Even better during family meal time where the whole family gets involved in promoting healthy eating. Eyes wide open staring at the broccoli in your hand. Will you or wont you?

  3. Peter the Food Puppet. Nothing says yummy like a talking, dancing carrot. Sometimes talking vegetables with a bit of humour can lighten the mood.

  4. Is it eating time or TV time. Minimize distractions. TV’s and phone screens being turned off might help kids focus on the task at hand – eating!

  5. Little mouths mean little bites. Smaller portion sizes sprinkled with foods they like definitely help with getting the tougher dinners down.

  6. If it’s hard to chew, make it easy to drink. Everyone loves a tank smoothie! Kids often associate flavours with colours, so try blending vegetables into a fruit smoothie, and there you have it, they'll love you even more. Mmmmm yum!

  7. My kids favourite - Tomato Sauce. To my surprise somehow tomato sauce just makes everything taste better in a childs eyes and they just cant get enough of it. One litre bottle anyone?

  8. Its okay to not finish the plate. Our kids are resilient but consistency over time often helps in the battle to form healthier eating patterns, even if they don’t eat everything on the plate every time. Notch it up as a win, at least they tried it.

Kids learn by copying what they see and repeating what they hear.

Words to live by, from the Aukilani Blogger “HAPPY COOKING EVERYONE”

Aukilani Kids love to eat tasty meals. Kids pictured above are not picky eaters.

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