COVID-19 & Aukilani Kids

Aukilani Kids is welcoming tamaiti right now. Since COVID-19 is a concern for us all, we would like to share some of the health and safety practices that we have in place. We have always had a focus on hygiene health, but this has now increased due to COVID-19.

These are some of the specific health measures in place at Aukilani Kids.

· Parents are asked to keep sick children at home. If a sick child comes to the service or shows symptoms, they will be sent home

· Teachers who feel sick or have flu-like symptoms will also stay home

· MOE have lifted the minimum indoor temperature requirement from 16 degrees to 18 degrees – however we set our heat pumps to 22 to ensure no one is cold.

· Social or measurable distancing is not required for our teachers as it is not practical to safely nurture and care for young children at a distance. However, our teachers follow strict hand hygiene as they move from caring for one child to another

· We ensure hand sanitiser is available. Our teachers supervise its location and use. We have always had this available for adults, however we don’t advocate its use for young children as it is very abrasive on delicate skin. Handwashing is our preference for children, we make it fun and easy for all ages

· We disinfect and clean all surfaces daily – however, we are doing this more frequently and being even more observant of our children as they try to “share” their food and toys with their friends

· Contact tracing is in place to record who is on site each day

· PPE is not required or recommended as necessary in any educational facility by Public Health officials

The Ministry of Education regularly update information and advice for Early Learning Services.

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