5 Great Questions To Ask During A School Tour

Updated: May 11

Nervousness and excitement are feelings so common amongst a lot of parents who are looking to enrol their child into an Early Childhood Education Centre, throw in that scary feeling and you are sure to start sweating!

It’s always a bag of mixed emotions as you prepare your child for their first big break into the ECE world, it’s a scary thing! But there are some things you can do that will help give you peace of mind.

With parents returning to work, and others simply needing a ‘break’, whatever your circumstances you can always help curb some of those anxieties and worries by doing your research, and finding an ECE Centre that works for you and your aiga (family).

Try these tips to help you get started. Narrow down your options by checking to see what services are available in your area. The Education Counts Website have an awesome tool you can use to find your local ECE Centres.

Then make a list of what you are looking for in an ECE Centre.

Type of care - are they offering what you are wanting for your child? The culture, language, values? What about the type of activities they do? Check their website and social media pages for stories, pictures, videos to get a feel of what they are about.

Hours - are they open during the times you need childcare? What about the school/public holidays? What is the maximum amount of hours a day your child can be enrolled?

Location - Are they close enough to home? Work? Study? Find out what suits you best.

Cost - Are the fees affordable for you? Remember, even with the government subsidies like 20 Hours ECE, you may still have to pay fees. (You will find most ECE Centres charge fees on top of these subsidies, some are flexible so make sure you pop in for a visit and have a chat, ask all necessary questions because you’ll never know until you ask!)

What services do they offer? - Do they offer meals as part of their costs? What about drinks? Nappies? Etc, some Centres charge extra for these services so make sure you check what’s included in their fees.

If you are wanting to know a bit more about the ECE Centre, book in for a school tour as this will be the best way for you to ask questions and see them all in action.

...find an ECE Centre that works for you and your aiga.


1. What is your ECE Centre’s philosophy? It’s important to know how the preschool’s philosophy is carried out throughout the day and how its incorporated into their curriculum. If they are a Bilingual Centre, how does this tie into all the activities they learn?

2. What type of menu do you provide? Have a look at the menu they offer and see if you are happy with it. Are these foods your child is familiar with? Are these foods they are not yet familiar with but you would like them to try/eat? Do they use a lot of sugar in their menu? Is there an option to provide your child’s lunch daily?

3. What is your child-to-teacher ratio? Are the classes big or small? How many children are currently enrolled?

4. How many of your teachers are fully qualified? In NZ at least 50% of required staff must have a recognised ECE teaching qualification so it’s important to find out how many of the staff are fully qualified. Here at Aukilani Kids we aim to have at least 80% of qualified teachers, and right now all our teachers are qualified and registered ECE teachers.

5. How do you communicate with parents? This is a big one as we all want to know how our child is doing every second of the day they are gone, so find out if the ECE Centre uses technology to stay in touch as many Centres are now opting for modern ways of connecting with families, in real-time. Do they have an email distribution list? Do they have an online social media page? Are you able to send messages via these different streams? Do they have a mobile number they can text? Do they provide regular updates of your childs progress using apps like Storypark or Educa?

Find out what works for you. If you need parent references, check out the preschool's Google profile or ask for them to provide you with some. If you are satisfied with the answers you receive after touring the preschool then well done, you have found an amazing preschool that aligns with your needs, beliefs and values. You are ready to start your new journey.

If you are not satisfied, keep doing your research until you’ve found the right one for you and your aiga.

Aukilani Kids welcomes all different backgrounds and heritages, we believe in community contribution so we are here for you. Check us out! We are open from 7.30am to 5.30pm. Call us today on 09 280 3893 to book in a school tour or visit our Facebook Page to see what we have to offer!

Cant wait to see you!

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