10 Things I Hate About You!

Updated: May 11

Everyone tells you the great joys to expect, but you truly don’t grasp the energy needed to raise a child until you are in the middle of the warzone. Multiply that by 4 and ill give you a glimpse into my journey minus the sunshine and rainbows. Welcome to the 10 things I never knew I hated.

  1. WHAT IS SLEEP? You really don’t know your true capacity until you are operating on less than three hours sleep – cooking, cleaning and juggling a crying, tired and teething child. Super heroes come wearing a messy hair bun and dark circles under their eyes (No... and its not last nights mascara.)

  2. The never ending loads of washing. Like an avalanche, little socks, t-shirts and undies flow down like an endless wall of snow, except its not picture perfect white but dirt, snot and spew that colour these garments.

  3. Life on a shoe string budget. Far from the lecturers accounting book, planning 21 meals, nappies and bigger clothes for an ever growing toddler, any payroll company would love us to balance their books, because stretching a dollar has now become my fine art. 2-minute noodles anyone?

  4. Time forever running. They said Jacinda Adern also has 24 hours in her day, but for some reason I cant fit enough into mine. How do you manage 3 children under the age of 5, along with a husband who expects the unattainable – ironed shirts, dinner ready, well groomed, energetic and loving wife? I dare Jacinda to come handle my work load. Lets swap girlfriend!

  5. The lack of space. I would have 6 bodies crammed into 2 bedrooms, finding alone time was next to impossible! Grabbing my quiet times in the bathroom, sitting in the little girls room, listening to the noise of a banging toddler wanting to enter, scrolling through my phone looking at holiday destinations wishing I was there. Can mummy just pee in peace please?

  6. Packing the car just to go down the road. Don’t get me started on the mission it would take to pack a pram, a nappy bag, a carry bag, a raincoat, a blanket, a lunchbox, a first aid kit, baby bottle, spare change of clothes, just to go to the supermarket. Often not worth the hassle, while my husband repeats ‘whats taking so long?’ (grrrr)

  7. Family portraits. Trying to get a kid to sit still for a photo, and you can forget trusting them to keep their nice clothes clean, all mum wanted was a good family portrait. But still, these cute little rascals will always take amazing photos that leave me googly-eyed every time they smile.

  8. The early morning wake up. Operating on less than 3 hours sleep, (yes… this is the 2nd mention of sleep) the soft kisses on your cheek from your baby boy, who snuggles next to you for half an hour more. How could you ever not love that?

  9. Learning new tricks. On the days where falling became less and walking became more, and every step forward made me nervous, excited and proud all at the same time. These little balls of perfection are growing too fast, I want time to slow, so I can enjoy the now for a little while longer.

  10. The way you love me. When you open the door, with arms wide open waiting for you to pick them up, in the quiet moments you realize that God has blessed you with angels to love and adore. Cherishing every tear, smile and laughter, with one look, you know you never hated anything about this. Not one bit or moment. You would take the messy hair, the dark circles, the lack of time and the pile of washing, because there’s no joy like being a mum. LOVE CONQUERS ALL!

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