Aukilani Kids is a Christian faith-based programme aligned to the Aukilani Community Church, Avondale. Our service provides a quality education and child care Samoan-English bi-lingual programme within a Christian context. We endeavour to teach Christian values and behaviour that allow all children to develop spiritual awareness within a Samoan setting. 

About Us

Our Programme:
sets out to develop and foster each child's: 
  • Samoan and English language in a bilingual setting

  • Awareness of Samoan culture and their own culture 

  • Understanding of Christian and Spiritual Values​

  • Educational potential and development in all key areas with a focus on literacy and numeracy

  • Awareness of health and wellbeing through nutrition, exercise and healthy living. 

  • Appreciation for health, nutrition and safety

  • Awareness of positive relationships and values


We value our Samoan language, culture and Christian faith in which is practiced daily within our programme. English will be used also. At the same time, our Aoga is inclusive of all children from different backgrounds, and heritages, and aim to offer extra support for children and families who have special educational needs.

We believe in community contribution and welcome children and parents of other respective cultures/countries to be a part of our aiga and fanau.


"Our Centre is an inviting and safe place where children are inspired to be creative with a desire and love to develop and learn."