Competent & Confident Learners

Our curriculum offers children a rich learning environment where they can learn skills for life and preparation for school. Children are provided with opportunities to learn life values within a bilingual, Samoan Christian context, social competence, problem solving and resilience which are weaved together with literacy and numeracy. Each child’s development is supported and encouraged by our qualified team of professional ECE teachers.

Curriculum Areas

Our curriculum is split into three sections and includes stimulating and well-planned activities to support each child’s learning at each stage. There is a good balance between education and play. Our activities include play (creative, manipulative, physical, dramatic, theatrical, water, social, and extended), science, maths, reading books, storytelling, construction, cultural activities, life skills, character development, music, dance, performing arts, information technology, and lots more. Activities are managed according to each stage of development through lots of supervision from well qualified and experience staff.


Te Whaariki

Our ECE programme is linked to the New Zealand, Ministry of Education’s Early Childhood Education Curriculum / Te Whaariki. Therefore, Aukilani Kids, with its focus on Samoan language and culture within a Christian setting, is a place where each child can learn to become competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society.

Christian Character & Values​

Aukilani Kids provides a Christian-based curriculum in order to support develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually within a Christian cultural environment.

We will do this by striving to help each child gain:

  • Spiritual foundations based on the knowledge that they are uniquely individual and are loved by God.

  • Skills and values that promote a healthy sense of self-worth.

  • Skills and values that help promote a genuine concern for others.

  • Skills and values that help promote appropriate concern for the environment.

  • Skills and values that help promote respect for their property and the property of others.

Our Christian character is inspired by Aukilani Community Church, Avondale.

The Centre promotes Christian values and beliefs.  These Christian values are:

  • Compassion – genuine concern for others

  • Respect – children and teachers respect each other for whom they are; their environment and parents/families.

  • Patience – children will understand that some things don’t happen overnight

  • Self-control - allowing our children to slow down and think through their actions.

  • Sharing & Co-operation – we endeavour to promote a sharing community where each person can contribute to the others’ wellbeing and success

  • Forgiveness – Forgiving others is central to the Christian message, allowing people to reconcile differences and enhance relationships

In Practice

Our goal is to ensure programme planning and development explores opportunities to integrate Christian-based teaching into our curriculum by way of:

  • Christian action songs

  • Prayer times (scheduled and spontaneous)

  • At the beginning of the day and the end of the day, all teachers and children will perform a prayer / karakia.

  • Observing grace (prayer of thanksgiving) before eating. Before morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, all teachers and children will participate in prayer/tatalo/karakia.

  • Bible stories and stories that embrace/reflect Christian values

  • Memory verses

  • Christian videos

  • Songs, dance, arts and crafts, Christian celebrations the children will experience an environment rich in Christianity.

  • Celebrating significant Christian Calendar events (eg. Christmas and Easter)

  • Encouraging children to talk about and ask questions about the major life issues of death and sickness from a Christian perspective so as to encourage faith and develop confidence.

  • Books with Christian themes are used throughout the reading programme.